Cops Disrupt Conoy Olympics During Porta Potty Cliff Toss Event

Start your pacemakers!

A misunderstanding between police and 5 Elizabethtown residents has been resolved during a May 16th incident in which cops brought an event to a halt thinking that it was an act of vandalism. It turns out it was just the Conoy Spring Olympics, where a gathering of Conoy folk get together and celebrate Spring with a myriad of sporting events.

The event in question was the Porta Potty Cliff Toss where teams of five people throw a porta potty off the White Cliffs of Conoy into the Susquehanna and try to land it sitting up. Other Conoy Olympic events include: ‘Rascal scooter racing’, ‘Keystone Light Drinking Contest’, ‘How many Walmart parking spots can my truck take up’, ‘street sign spray painting’ and ‘How many American flags can I fit on my Lawn’.

Police have apologized for the misunderstanding, and have let the games continue. The five person team in question will not be charged. The recent abandonment of a toilet in a Neffsville park seems to be unrelated.