Corn Squid Found Living In Strasburg Child’s Ear

The corn squid had been living in the girl’s ear for better than a week.

STRASBURG, PA – Doctors at Lancaster General Hospital (LGH) were shocked to find a juvenile corn squid living in a child’s ear.

The parents of a Strasburg girl brought their daughter to LGH this morning after their daughter complained of an earache for the past week.

“Our daughter Masey had been complaining since Christmas morning that her ear hurt. We looked in her ear but didn’t see anything and she didn’t have a fever so we were not too worried. We took her to the emergency room this morning because she was crying.” explained her mother, Justine Stull.

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According to an LGH nurse the healthy young corn squid was living quite comfortably in her ear.

“We have seen many things lodged in children’s ears but this the first time we ever found a corn squid. He seemed to be living quite comfortably in there.” said LGH Nurse Emma Wilcox.

The corn squid was healthy and appeared to be living on earwax. It was easily removed and there is no permanent damage to the child’s ear. The girl was treated and released after the corn squid was removed.