Dead Unicorn Found On Local Amish Farm

LANCASTER, PA – Jeb Yoder was mowing hay on his farm near Horseshoe Road when he saw something unusual in the field.

dead unicorn field
The field where the dead unicorn was found.
“I thought it might be a deer but when I got closer I noticed it had a horn.” said Yoder.

What Yoder found was a dead unicorn.

Ida Mann, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Game Commission told us, “We have examined the animal found on Mr. Yoder’s farm and though it had been dead for quite awhile it was remarkably preserved. It is definitely a unicorn.”

Unicorns are not common in the United States and this is the first one ever discovered in Pennsylvania. The one found on the Yoder farm is believed to be a juvenile and how it got there is certainly a mystery.

Neighbors and family of Mr. Yoder gathered to look at the unicorn and speculated how it got there. Others wondered how it died.

A local girl who will be a third grader this year at Smoketown Elementary had her own thoughts on how it got there. “Unicorns have magic and it probably flew here from Unicornville” said the girl.

Many who saw the unicorn commented on its pleasant smell despite being in a decomposed state.

The Game Commission said Mr. Yoder could keep the unicorn though he has not yet decided what he will do with it.

Neighbors gather to see Yoder's dead unicorn
Neighbors gather to see Yoder’s dead unicorn