Desperate To Improve Ratings WHP CBS 21 Introduces Bikini Weather

SandyLee Schlonger of Perry County was the first host of Bikini Weather.

HARRISBURG, PA – Perennial Nielsen ratings cellar dweller and bottom feeder WHP CBS 21 is taking drastic steps to improve its viewership.

Sinclair Broadcasting Group (SBG), who has owned WHP since 2012, has been unable to lift ratings since taking ownership and is taking desperate steps to improve viewership and ratings for its last place Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York DMA station.

“Starting on Labor Day we are introducing Bikini Weather” said SBG VP of News & Content Jason Hayne.

Bikini Weather will be more than just on-air personalities who are merely wearing bikinis and are not meteorologists, they will be local citizens with a strong passion for weather.

According to Hayne auditions are being held in southern York County, Perry County, Adams County, and Franklin County.

WHP’s Bikini Weather debuts this Labor Day in the morning news and will be featured in the early news and late news throughout the week.