Displeased Chameleon Patron Demands Refund After Being Offended

Yes, imagine that. Someone was offended at a rockabilly show. Check out the below over reaction. <<trigger warning>>


So, now for a less insane version of the events. The headliner was a band called Reverend Horton Heat that our snowflake has seen ‘no less than 10 times’. That means she managed not to get offended by songs that are perennially on their set-list including: Bales of Cocaine, Where the Hell Did You Go With My Toothbrush?, Love Whip, Wiggle Stick, One Time For Me, or Cowboy Love (which is about interracial gay sex). But what did she get offended by? She got offended by guest artist Unknown Hinson’s song: “Your Man Is Gay”. Yes. That’s it. The musician asked the crowd to sing along and say “Your man is gay”.  Now I can think of a dozen really inappropriate words that would probably get my ass kicked at the Tally Ho, but pretty sure the word “Gay” isn’t a bad word.  Anyway, take a listen.

nashville_pussy_by_shadowcryptNot only did that offend our little snowflake on the moral high-ground, she was also aghast at seeing people wearing the Confederate flag on their shirts. If that’s not your thing ok, but when the band is called Nashville Pussy and uses Stars-and-Bars on graphics and have an album called “Let Them Eat Pussy” you really should have expected maybe, just maybe, you might see a confederate flag. Just typin’.

To wrap all of her offendedness up with a pretty bow, she also finds a way to blame Donald Trump with a bonus: NOT MY PRESIDENT. Hey, I’m not a Trump fan but… I’m pretty sure he was not involved in this secret plot to offend her.

So once again we have a Social Justice Warrior who is looking to be offended and has no problem exaggerating reality to make her look so awesome on her moral high ground. Our recommendation is to stay in a safe space and not to expose yourself to free speech. Too much freedom is hazardous to your sanity.