E-Town College Bested by Cub Scouts at Charity Event

NoseCongratulations to members of the Elizabethtown College Track and Field team who, at least, went the distance with Cub Scout Pack 256 in the Third Annual Elizabethtown Double Dare Charity Game Show. E-Town College team members assumed that this was the year that they would finally win it all.  The only thing standing in their way was a handful of third graders.

Assistant Track Coach, Bruce Marquez, explained how the classic Nickelodeon Game Show is harder than it looks at home.

“Everyone knows that “Double Dare” represents the ultimate battle of both the body and mind   Frankly, we were only playing at 50% today.  That just ain’t enough if you want to come home with a pair of Sketchers and a set of World Book Encyclopedias.”

A review of video tape confirms Marquez’s assertion.  His players did great at the physical stunts like retrieving a fabric flag housed within a giant nose filled with green Jell-o.  Unfortunately, the group was not up to par on the intellectual portion of the program.  For example, when the emcee asked junior, Corky Masterson, “what is the capital of Kentucky?”  Masterson replied with “K”.  Little mistakes like that added up, and allowed a group of ten year olds to come out on top. The final score was Cub Scouts, 93 and Elizabethtown College, 47.

Members of the E-Town track team were quite disappointed, but Coach Marquez knew exactly what to do to make things better.  Each participant got hugs and Dairy Queen for the van ride home.