Evangelist Ravi Zacarias To Lead Lancaster’s Eyebrow Festival

As if the excitement of a First Friday is not enough, the June 5 First Friday will also be used to honor those Lancastrians who sport prominent eyebrows. Noted Indian Christian leader Ravi Zacharias will serve as the emcee of the festivities. Mr. Zacharias will be in town to attend a zombie convention. When he caught wind of City Council’s idea to honor those local notables who are proud of the hirsute brows, he jumped out the chance. “As a Christian, one must honor God in all ways. As an Indian, we are particularly hairy and are proud of our brows” Zacharias added, “ What better way to give praise to our Lord and to recognize those who eschew grooming than to participate in this wonderful event.”

As you know, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Festival, which was started in 1965 to counter the Amish’s monopoly on the glorification of facial hair. Mr. Zacharias joins such well known celebrities as Andy Rooney, John Belushi, Martin Scorcese and Brooke Shields.

POL Contributor Snappy Fingerdik