Facebook Conducting “Dumbness Test”

With the divide of the nation growing almost daily, Facebook has been contracted to conduct “dumbness” test.  Citizens have been developing Facebook post with outlandish, “over-the-top” headlines then analyzing the number of people who click and length of time they remain on a story.

Officials at Facebook have outwardly claimed the information is simply marketing research with no long term implications.  Many familiar with internet research say the actual use of the information is being used to target 2016 voters.   Current candidates are being feed who, and what to post to vitalize poll numbers and deepen conspiracy stories.

Paul Rankin, pollster from the USA dumbness institute told us “No idea is too outlandish or stupid.  In fact in some cases, the crazier the more believable.”  Facebook did not respond to request for information.   “Dumb people are quickly becoming a significant voter block and we need to understand how they think, or more correctly how they don’t think.”