FDR’s Doctors Say Polio, Death Led To 9/11 Event No-Show

A long battle with polio–followed by a stroke in 1945 that ultimately led to his demise–kept Franklin Roosevelt from attending a 9/11 anniversary event in New York City, NY earlier today.

His health had long been a concern to most of the population; but Republicans, in particular, seemed especially worried about his ability to perform in office. This no-show only furthered their disappointment in the candidate’s ability to represent the nation’s interests.

“If he can’t even attend a tribute to the fallen of the most horrific terror attack to ever take place on our country’s soil, how we can expect him to focus his energy 100% on America?” asked one GOP Senator. “We all get sick, I get it. A stuffy nose, the flu, pneumonia. It happens. But polio? Come on, what is this, 1850?”

POL attempted to reach a member of FDR’s White House staff, but were unable to find a living┬áparty.