Fox News Report: Lt Col Vindman Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

OSLO, NORWAY – According to Fox News Reports Lt Col Vindman, who testified in President Trump’s impeachment hearing and fired by Trump on Friday, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Watters’ World host Jesse Watters broke the news to viewers this evening telling them, “This is unbelievable. I cannot believe a traitor to the nation would be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. President Trump should get it for making a historic deal with the Chinamen.” said Watters.

The Norwegian Parliament who appoints the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which selects the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, said they made the decision to nominate Lt Col Vindman after consulting G7 and European Union leaders.

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Norwegian Nobel Committee Chairwoman Berit Reiss-Andersen issued the following statement:

“The Norwegian Nobel Committee has nominated Lt Col Vindman of the United States for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his integrity and commitment to the advancement of democracy and truth.”

Nominations are considered by the Nobel Committee at a meeting where a short list of candidates for further review is created. This short list is then considered by permanent advisers to the Nobel institute, which consists of the Institute’s Director and the Research Director and a small number of Norwegian academics with expertise in subject areas relating to the prize. The Nobel Committee typically comes to a conclusion in mid-September, but occasionally the final decision has not been made until the last meeting before the official announcement at the beginning of October.

The Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee presents the Nobel Peace Prize in the presence of the King of Norway on 10 December each year.

We reached out to Lt Col Vindman’s attorney but he was unavailable for comment.