From Taliban To Tealiban: A Woman’s Support From ISIS To Trump

ALTOONA, PA – This past Tuesday Samantha Paule won one of two Republican primary nominations to sit on the City Council of Altoona, Pennsylvania. This is not surprising in an area of Pennsylvania that is overwhelmingly white, older, and easily defined as ‘Trump territory’.

What is surprising is her path to being a hardcore Trump supporter who bragged on social media about indoctrinating her daughter into Trumpism and even shamelessly using her as a political prop.

According to DailyKos:

To look at her social media posts from the last two or three years, nothing really seems too out of place. Some science denial, and wild claims about recommended vaccination schedules causing developmental problems in children, here.. Some fake news about Democrats advocating for infanticide, there.. But, when I looked a little further back, a wildly different, and, eventually, very troubling, picture began to emerge.

Despite promoting herself as a, “pro-life,” Christian, “family values,” candidate, Paule has dozens of posts on Facebook calling for, “Death to America,” and promoting fundamentalist Islamic extremism.

Her path from ISIS supporter to Trump Humper is quite odd, if not bizarre.

CBS affiliate WTAJ Television interviewed Paule and you can watch the interview below:

Here is a sample of some of her Facebook posts that are viewable on her account that is still active as of the time of this post.

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