Gap Lighthouse Santa Accused Of Fondling Elves and Reindeer

Fawn Dimyballs of Ephrata and Abner Hockenfoos at the Lighthouse Christmas Party 2014

Gap Beach, Pennsylvania – Local Lighthouse Keeper and volunteer Santa Abner Hockenfoos is embroiled in controversy after a group of volunteers have accused him of making unwanted sexual advances. So far five elves and thirteen reindeer have come forward.

Fawn Dimyballs of Ephrata has portrayed and elf at the Lighthouse the past three seasons and said, “Enough is enough. Mr. Hockenfoos has been harassing the elves and reindeer for years.”

Goat/Reindeer actors (L to R: Hugh Junit, Kenya Swallow, Roland D’Hay, and Tess Eckel)

Local president of the Kinzers Goatherders Union, Emmerson Niceuns also has been very vocal on the issue. “We’ve been providing goat actors to portray reindeer at the Lighthouse since 1985. Unless Hockenfoos is removed as Lighthouse Keeper, this is our last year.”

In a prepared statement a defiant Keeper Hockenfoos stated, “Listen, it’s all a bunch of baloney. This is how we’ve always done things here in Gap. If they don’t like it they can all go to Parkesburg. I’m not going anywhere.”