Gay Deer Have Quarryville Residents In An Uproar

These two whitetail bucks doing gay deer stuff were photographed by Grace Martin.

QUARRYVILLE, PA – A pair of gay deer have Quarryville residents in an uproar.

“I don’t know where these gay deer came from but I am sick of it.” said Grace Martin of Quarryville.

The deer have reportedly been having gay deer sex all over the Quarryville area including Martin’s back yard where she captured a photo of the event.

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According to POL Biologist Earl Sneed gay deer are not uncommon. Sneed explained, “Gay relationships occur throughout the animal kingdom. There were actually two penguins that were in a same-sex relationship for more than 6 years.”

But not all Quarryville residents are buying Sneed’s explanation.

“We don’t need no gay deer or any gay animals around here. I blame this squarely on Obama and the PC crowd. They are destroying traditional animal values.” griped Merlin Stoltzfus.

The two male deer were last seen seeking privacy in an area patch of woods.