GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Orders Custom Fainting Couch From Gish’s Furniture

CAMP HILL, PA – GOP Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina has ordered a custom fainting couch from Gish’s Furniture in Camp Hill.

Aides for Graham, a debutante who is know for his over-the-top theatrical drama and “gets the vapors”, ordered the couch after fainting during a recent emotional outburst and falling to the floor of the U.S. Senate.

“I saw him getting all worked up and flustered and I know what happens when he gets all flustered. He faints. Right there. So we decided we needed to order a fainting couch to protect him from getting hurt.” said Graham aide Beauregard Angus.

The predominance of fainting couches started in the south as an a home treatment for female hysteria.

“The couch is pink and has very soft cushions to protect Lindsey’s delicate frame and his personal constitution. He picked it out.” said Angus.

A representative from Gish acknowledged the order but declined to disclose the cost and delivery date.

Gish’s Furniture