Gov. Wolf: “We need to screen Floridian hurricane evacuees more thoroughly”

With nearly the entire coast of Florida receiving an evacuation order, many residents are making their way north. Governor Tom Wolf is worried that the danger isn’t worth any humanitarian efforts.

“I’m sure many of them are upstanding people,” said Wolf. “I’m sure they will fit in just fine. But can we risk it? Have you seen the kind of stuff that goes on in Florida? Imagine a bowl of skittles, if you will.”

It is unclear how many Florida residents will actually come to Pennsylvania, but many Lancaster County locals are speaking out against Governor Wolf’s statements.

“This is ridiculous,” said Mary Martin, Pequea. “These are human beings in danger. We can’t just turn them away. Where will they go? A lot of them are children, for crying out loud. And while I have you, let me just say: Hillary for Prison, vote Trump 2016.”