Governor Orders Stoltzfus A-47 Buggies Grounded After Series Of Accidents

A Pennsylvania State Trooper Inspects an A-47 Accident that occurred last September near Lebanon.

HARRISBURG, PA – Governor Wolf took an extraordinary step today ordering all Stoltzfus A-47 buggies grounded today after a series of unexplained accidents.

The A-47 has been produced by Stolzfus Buggies since 1933 and has had a rather clean accident record until recently.

“The Stoltzfuls A-47 crash near Lebanon last September was unusual. And then this week’s crash near Strasburg raised concern when similarities were noted.” said Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Trent Schaeffer.

An A-47, painted yellow because it is a test model, goes through testing at Stoltzfus Buggies.

Witness of both crashes claim they saw the buggy serve dangerously across lanes and ignore basic traffic safety rules before the accidents.

Craig Miller of Lancaster who witnessed the Strasburg accident told us, “I seent that buggy swerving all over the place and went straight through that red light and crashed a car right into it’s side.”

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The Governor’s office said in a statement that all Stoltzfus A-47’s will remain grounded and off the roads until the causes of these accidents are determined.