Governor Wolf Renames Mount Davis To Teedyuscung

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Wolf announced today that Mount Davis will be officially renamed Teedyuscung to reflect its original name. Mount Davis is the highest point in Pennsylvania standing 3,213 feet above sea level.


A spokeswoman for Governor Wolf said, “It is important to the indigenous people of Pennsylvania that the mountain be named after of the “King of the Delawares”, Teedyuscung.”

This decision and renaming comes only days after President Obama renamed Mount McKinley, Denali.

But not everyone is happy with the name change.

“Why did he have to change the name of Mount Davis? Davis was one of our Founding Fathers and I don’t know who this Teddy Rumpskunk fellow is, probably some Muslim. It’s a liberal plot to destroy our country.” said 70 year old Ed Steigel of Lancaster.

Teedyuscung who was know as the “King of Delawares” was a Lenape leader.