Greenfield Named Best Region in Lancaster to Raise a Family… of Ducks

The Association of Improved Living gave Greenfield it’s most prestigious award for the best region in Lancaster to raise a family. But there’s a twist to the award, it’s only meant for ducks.

Sorry people of Greenfield

“We saw the beautiful ponds and fountains and gazebos of the Greenfield Industrial Park, and saw the quality of life for these area ducks was second to none. Once we looked past the discarded heroin needles in the bushes, we felt this area deserved our award.” Said Sally Smothers, a Judge for the AIL for 23 years.

The AIL bases the award on best quality of living, which includes, best access to education, jobs, and amount of youth that return home after seeking out higher education, and amount of Goldfish available per square meter.

The award ceremony will be held in the Greenfield Industrial Park on June 28th in front of the ‘bears holding logs’ sculpture.