Growing Pennsylvania Wild Bison Population Presents Public Danger

HARRISBURG, PA – The return of wild American Bison to Pennsylvania is a welcome sight to many. But they also presents a level of danger to the public.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission the wild bison population in Pennsylvania recently passed 1,000 animals with herd concentrations in York, Lancaster, and Chester Counties.

POL Biologist Earl Sneed explained the dangers that bison present to the public.

“Bison can be meaner than snot. They will gore you. They will kick you. Stomp you into the ground and then roll all over your lifeless corpse.” explained Sneed.

Recent incidents around the country have shown how bison can be a danger.

A 9-year-old girl was recently flipped into the air by a bison in Yellowstone National Park as her parents fled the danger.

And teen was also chased and flipped by a bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

We asked Sneed what a person should do it they encounter a wild bison?

“If you see a wild bison the best thing to do is keep your distance. And if it comes after you, run like hell.” said Sneed.