Hempfield Man Builds Model Railroad of Columbia: Goes to Ephrata for Miniature Trash

trailer2Mark Pullman has loved trains all his life. He grew up in Centerville along the tracks. He watched the big trains coming in and out of Columbia bringing all kinds of freight to Lancaster. His love of trains grew and consumed his personal life. “I always wanted to be an engineer, but settled for H.O. Scale model trains,” Mark explained. “So I modeled the Columbia secondary. It was really easy, to be honest. The details came easy for the most part. Then I got to Columbia.”

That’s where Mark hit an open switch and derailed. You see, Mark just couldn’t model the trash and squaller. After talking to a friend he found the answer a few miles north in the town of Ephrata.

“Everything up there is already half scale and somewhat of a dump so it was perfect. I found miniature plastic hookers, cars on blocks, and even a true to scale meth lab.”

I toured his layout and was amazed at the detail of the armpit that is Columbia. Mark is working on a building of Club Good Times. “I’m having a hard time finding little people to replicate the high quality strippers you’d see there,” Mark pointed out.