Hempfield Teen Successfully Created “Dino-Chicken”

LANCASTER, PA – A 14-year-old Hempfield teen has successfully created a “Dino-Chicken” in his home laboratory.

Li Ping Stoltzfus, who prefers to be called Ping, has been fascinated with science and genetics from a very young age say his parents Amos and Annabel Stoltzfus who adopted Li Ping in 2009.

“He always wanted to know how things work and why things are like they are. When he saw us making mules his little face just lit up.” said Amos Stoltzfus.

Ping who is an honor student at Hempfield and will be a senior next year began tampering with the molecular processes that make up a beak in chickens early last year.

By doing so, he managed to create a chicken embryo with a dinosaur-like snout and palate, similar to that of small feathered dinosaurs like the Velociraptor.

To make this genetic tweak, Ping isolated the proteins that would have gone on to develop beaks. Then he suppressed them using tiny beads coated with an inhibiting substance. The result is chickens with velociraptor-like beaks.

Because the dino-chickens have not exhibited any aggressive behavior Ping plans to expand his experimentation to create dino-chickens with enhanced talons that are featherless and stand six feet tall.