Herr’s Potato Chips Changes Name to Avoid Transgender Insensitivity

Lancaster County snack food giant, Herr’s Potato Chips sent out a press release yesterday announcing an exciting new name change. According to the company’s Chairman of the Board, James M. Herr, the company’s new name is “Hir’s Potato Chips”,effective immediately. Herr explained that the word “hir” is a gender-neutral pronoun which reflects the business’s dedication to cater to all snack lovers regardless of what is or isn’t between their legs. An earlier suggestion of changing the brand to “it’s”, was ultimately considered even more insensitive than staying with “Herr’s”.

Hir’s will roll out their new products with an expansive multimedia campaign in the next few months. A series of television commercials are currently being filmed starring the hairdresser from “Orange is the New Black”