Hey Douchebags, Knock It Off – Editorial

Once upon a time Liberals fought for freedom of speech. Freedom to protest things they don’t like, freedom to protest the US military’s involvement in what they felt were unjust wars, and even the freedom to burn our US flag – all protected under our Constitution. However lately Liberal extremists and Social Justice Warriors’ protests have crossed over the line to domestic terrorism. Yes, I said it, terrorism. According to a wise Internet philosopher, once you use violence to achieve religious, ideological, or political viewpoints you are no longer a protester. You have become a terrorist, terrorizing people who want to have their voices heard. I’m not a Trump supporter, I’m just an American that grew up in a slightly different era than the millennials. Mr. Trump has no political authority – he’s just a civilian and he is just using words that appeal to some people, aggravate some people, but the majority of us sane people just say “meh” and move on. Remember that whole “sticks and stones” thing? Trump is using words that people should just shrug off and “meh” if you don’t like them, but instead they are getting their sticks and stones to silence him. Not only is it obnoxious, terroristic, and infringing on Trump supporters 1st amendment right – it’s stupid. Stupid because it is only helping Trump. It is starting to frame Trump as the victim, and you know how America loves underdog stories. So if you don’t want a President Trump then just ignore him and go to a rally for your preferred candidate instead. I’m pretty sure that the Trump supporters won’t be waiting outside to pelt you with eggs.