Hillary Clinton: “All children should be microchipped for safety..”

With only weeks away until election day, Hillary Clinton is set to make a bold proclamation while on the election trail. Sources close to Clinton state she will begin a new push for Americans to have their children microchipped using RFID chips. “It’s in their best interest for health and safety purposes.” Stated the unnamed source. Clinton has made mention of ID chips on numerous occasions while on the campaign trail. The source leaked Clinton’s controversial ideas while visiting with lawmakers in Harrisburg Saturday. One email within the recent Wikileaks treasure trove hinted at the topic.

RFID chips have been approved for humans by the FDA since 2004. In recent years, many progressives have signaled for all people to become “chipped” to provide health records and identity in case of an emergency. Verichip is one of the leading companies working with the FDA and many health care institutions to provide RFID chips for people. The microchips store the identity and health records of the person housing the chip. In most cases the micro chip is implanted in the forehead or hand of the person. One researcher working on the chip stated it took 666 scientists to finalize the product in 2003. The FDA approved its use on Oct 31, 2004.
“It is perfectly safe and a logical way for you to be tracked…in case of an emergency,” the Clinton source stated. “There’s no reason to be alarmed. This is the way of the future. The way of a new world, in order.”
Clinton is set to discuss the topic of microchipping children while on the campaign trail this week. The source would not state if it would be discussed at the Presidential debate on Wednesday.