House of Representative consider radical idea for new Speaker

Fearing that despite all available evidence, and common sense; Hillary Clinton might win the 2016 Presidential election the US House of representatives is considering a radical idea.

“If we elect Hillary Speaker of the house, perhaps she will accept the sure thing consider she is currently getting her butt whipped by a socialist.” stated a House member who requested to remain anonymous. House rules do not require the speaker to be a member of the Congress, be sane, compassionate or have evidence of a soul. This means almost every resident of Washington DC is eligible.

If the Republican (who hold the majority in the house) do indeed elect Hillary Clinton US House Speaker; there is not much fear of the action backfiring on the Republicans. They have had the majority and speakership for the last 5 years and haven’t been able to see their measures passed into law.

As the Hillary Speaker rumor continue to simmer; Democratic leaders are considering there own response should Hillary be elected speaker. “We will be forced to push forward Vice President Joe Bidden as our 2016 candidate, with Donald Trump as his running mate.” When asked why this move was being considered. The anonymous Democratic leaders simply said “We departed from doing the business of the people many years ago; if we have to live in this stinking town we might as well have fun with it. Imagine listening to President Bidden delivering the state of the Union, where behind him are seated VP Trump next to Speaker Clinton.” No further comments were available. We will stay on top of this story.