Hunter Captures Bigfoot On His Trail Camera

This is the image captured on Witmer’s trail camera. Is it a Bigfoot?

GETTYSBURG, PA – Pat Witmer of Gettysburg captured what he says is a Bigfoot on his trail camera.

“I have a number of trail cameras around my hunting grounds on South Mountain. When I looked at the pictures I couldn’t believe I caught a Bigfoot.” said Witmer.

Reported Bigfoot sightings in the South Mountain area have been around for years.

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POL Biologist Earl Sneed explained, “Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania are not uncommon. A couple of years ago somebody reported seeing a Bigfoot in Lancaster County. But it turned out to be just an Appalachian Gorilla.”

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Witmer says he plans to shoot the Bigfoot if he sees him [or her] during deer season.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has viewed the images and is investigating the area.