Hurricane Harvey Update: Shark Seen In Houston Flood Waters

HOUSTON, TX – Hurricane Harvey has brought more than wind and flooding as a shark was seen in Houston flood waters.

Local resident Anthony White captured a photo of a shark in the flood waters on I-610 near NRG Stadium.

“Man, the flooding is horrible but I wasn’t too afraid of drowning. But now I am afraid of being eaten by a shark. I mean, sharks in Houston?” said White.

The shark was photographed in the flood waters on I-610 near NRG Stadium.

According to our wildlife expert and biologist Earl Sneed the shark is believed to be a Bull Shark.

“Bull Sharks are very hardy sharks that can tolerate fresh water for lengthy periods of time. They have also been know to swim into flood waters to scavenge for stranded fish and other wildlife.” explained Sneed.

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Texas Authorities are warning citizens to stay out of the flood waters to minimize the risk of a shark attack.