Is Tanger Outlet Sinkhole An “Amish Thunder From Down Under”?

Amish gather to watch, pray, and collect bones at the former ancient Amish burial ground.

LANCASTER, PA – Is the sinkhole consuming Tanger Outlet an act of nature? Or, is it as some people are calling it, an “Amish Thunder From Down Under”?

The large sinkhole that opened Friday in the parking lot of the Tanger Outlets in East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County continues to grow in size as crowds gather to observe. One noticeable crowd gathering to watch are local Amish. And many are calling it an “Amish Thunder From Down Under.”

According to POL correspondent and Amish expert Abner Hockenfoos Tanger Outlet was built on ancient Amish burial grounds.

Amish Witch Doctor

“The land the mall is built on is an ancient Amish burial ground that was basically stolen from its Amish owners back in the 1960’s.” said Hockenfoos.

Tanger Outlets is on the property of the former Sky-Vue Drive-In Theater and has been an outlet mall since 1982. Tanger Factory Outlet Centers acquired the mall in 1994.

According to Hockenfoos, “An Amish Witch Doctor placed a curse that would plague any future landowner that built upon the site.”

Amish have been gathering at the site to watch, pray, and collect any bones that may be uncovered.

“They were warned this would happen. This is an Amish Thunder From Down Under sent by God.” said local Amish elder Menno Stoltzfus.