Jack Hubley to Discuss Corn Squid on the Next ‘Wild Moments’

With the two most recent Corn Squid attacks in Strasburg, a lot of concern has been growing about the general safety in their community. Jack Hubley will be tackling this subject on WGAL’s Wild Moments this Friday to answer questions about this elusive animal.

A recent photo of a corn squid.

“We have to give piece of mind to the folks of Lancaster” said Jack, “We’ll go over ways to identify different breeds, some ways to tell aggressive and non-aggressive behavior apart or how to avoid them all together.”

Two Corn Squid attacks this year have sent a total of 5 people to the hospital, the attacks are expected to increase as the corn gets taller.

Jack Hubley’s Wild Moments can be seen on Friday’s at 5:30 on WGAL.