Judge Kelly Ballentine Has Law License Restored [Exclusive] [Not Satire]

Lancaster, PA

It was found that Ex-Judge Kelly Ballentine has had her law license reinstated after having it revoked after it was discovered that over a span of years that she was dismissing her own traffic tickets and not filling tax returns.

Ballentine was removed from the bench last August after a Court of Judicial Discipline met with a 5-3 ruling.

POL located the docket on the PA Courts website, downloadable here
 The Docket reads as follows:

“AND NOW, this 4th of March, 2016, on certification by the Disciplinary Board that
Kelly S. Ballentine, who was suspended for a period of one year, has filed a verified
statement showing compliance with the Order of Suspension and Pa.R.D.E. 217, and
there being no other outstanding order of suspension or disbarment, Kelly S. Ballentine
is reinstated to active status, effective immediately.
Justice Baer dissents and would issue a rule to show cause upon the Office of
Disciplinary Counsel directing it to inform the Court, pursuant to Pa.R.D.E. 218(g)(2)(i),
whether disciplinary proceedings are pending or have been authorized based upon all
of the conduct resulting in Respondent’s removal from her position as magisterial district
Justice Eakin did not participate in the consideration or decision of this matter.”