Justin Bieber Endorses Donald Trump Shows Off New Haircut

Toronto, Canada – Canada’s largest newspaper, The Toronto Star, is reporting Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber has endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
“I’m Canadian and cannot vote for Donald Trump but I want all my American Beliebers to vote for him” Bieber told The Star.

Sporting a new platinum-dyed haircut he calls “The Trump” Bieber said that Mr. Trump could use his 2010 song Never Say Never as his campaign song.

Explaining his endorsement of Trump Bieber said, “I admire him. We both say stupid shit all the time but our fans still love us.”

Comparisons between the two are uncanny with polls showing that both are viewed unfavorably by a large majority of the world while there base of fans seem to love them despite any of their despicable antics.

Donald Trump did not respond to our requests for comment.