Kate Smith Statue To Be Relocated To Gap, PA

Gap, PA , a small town on the Sadsbury Coast, will be giving the statue of Kate Smith a new home after it was booted by the Philadelphia Flyers. Gap’s’s town elders argue that “Miss Patriotism” deserves to be honored.

Kate Smith Statue to be Relocated to Gap

The Ancient Society Of Lighthouse Keepers lodge lead the charge in calling for the statue to be relocated after it was removed by the Flyers amid allegations of racism in several of her songs, including a 1939 tune called “That’s Why the Darkies Were Born,” which has been claimed to be satirical.

“The removal of the statue is an attack on veterans who fought for this country. It is political correctness gone wild,” a petition posted by the A.S.O.L. lodge. “Without the veterans of this country, the American people would not know the freedoms they have today. Kate Smith traveled over 500,000 miles in her lifetime to perform for the troops. To us, she is Miss Patriotism.”

Gap officials plan to include the Kate Smith statue in their design for renovations around the Lighthouse waterfront. “We want to honor great Americans like Ms. Smith and provide them with a beautiful new home overlooking the Gap Harbor” stated Abner Hockenfoos, Lighthouse Keeper. Long term plans also include rescuing the statue of former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo, who used to spend his summer vacations in Gap.