Kotex Announces Pumpkin Spice Tampons

Every Fall we see a bigger and bigger return of Pumpkin Spice themed everything; from Pringles to soap, to iPhone cases. This year will be no exception as Kotex has announced Pumpkin Spice scented  tampons to help ring in the season.

“I love Pumpkin Spice” Said Sorority Girl, Corina Martin “Why should my vajayjay be left out of the fun?”

“If it’s one thing my ham wallet has been missing, it’s pumpkin and spice!” Said another Sorority Girl and Starbucks Latte Enthusiast, Emma Goodright

“Just because Taco Bell hasn’t invented Pumpkin Spice Tacos yet, doesn’t mean my pink taco can’t be Pumpkin Spice flavored!”¬† Said yet another Sorority Girl, who happens to also love Ugg boots, Molly

“There’s nothing wrong with a little spray tan, and Pumpkin Spice on my ninja foot to spice things up in the bedroom, plus my boyfriend love it” Said, surprise, another Sorority Girl and Nutella fan, Abby Walton.

With this pumpkin spice craze in full effect, what do you think is still missing? Let us know in the comments.