Lancaster Based Olympian Tests Positive For Scrapple

First time Olympian Hans Yoder of Fivepointville was disqualified from participating in the team Trampoline event yesterday after testing positive for Scrapple.  So far this year 9 medalists and world champions have tested positive this year for Scrapple, the performance-enhancing breakfast meat, according to antidoping officials.

Scrapple, developed in South Eastern Pennsylvania, aids blood flow and is not approved for sale outside of the Tri-State area. It was placed on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned list this year after being monitored by the agency in 2015.

“Regarding the number of scrapple positives, I can tell you that it was at 60 adverse analytical findings (since January 1st) recorded on Monday and that number is growing,” Ben Nichols, a spokesman for WADA, said Thursday in an email.

Many of the athletes who have tested positive have not been publicly identified because their cases are still being adjudicated. But Yoder, the 28-year-old trampolinist, made his case public Saturday by announcing that he had failed a test for the drug. He said she had used Scrapple and “Regrets Nothing.” He has taken full responsibility and is not contesting the finding.