Lancaster Bookies Now Taking “Over/Under” Bets on Number of Shots Fired at McCaskey Football Games

Local bookmaker, Frankie “The Hammer” DelGiorno announced yesterday that his crew is running a brand new type of bet for local gamblers. DelGiorno explained that in addition to traditional bets such as the final score, who leads at halftime, and who wins the coin toss, he will also offer a special over/under bet for the number of shots fired st McCaskey High School’s weekly football game.

“We just want to give ‘da public what dey want. There has been more interest lately in what goes on inna school parking lot ‘dan what happens on ‘da field. It is time to capitalize on ‘dat predicament.” explained the made man.

Bookies will establish a certain predicted number of total gun shots per game that will change based on the circumstances. As an example, an away game against Lancaster Catholic might be worth a mere 3 gunshots, but a home championship game against York High might be worth as many as 47. Gamblers then bet on whether they think the actual total will be higher or lower than the predicted number.

Rumors suggest that if this type of bet catches on, other wacky McCaskey bets are sure to follow including “number of freshmen girls giving birth during the month of January” and “Teacher stabbing teaser bets”.