Lancaster City Police Buy Four Drug Sniffing Rabbits

LANCASTER, PA – The Lancaster City Police Department has been given approval to buy four drug sniffing rabbits. The rabbits will be part of a new Rabbit Drug Unit.

Trained Drug Rabbit On Patrol
Trained Drug Rabbit On Patrol
“The rabbits will allow us to continue our drug interdiction efforts and at a far lower cost than drug dogs.” said Lancaster City Chief of Police Keith Sadler.

Drug sniffing rabbits have been used for years in Australia where the fully trained Drug Rabbits will come from.

Mayor Gray commented, “The fully trained rabbits will cost the city $1,500 each. But the cost of feeding and supporting the rabbits will only be around $4,800 per year. Far less than a K-9.”

According to Chief Sadler each rabbit will be assigned to one police officer who will assume full responsibility and care for the rabbit. Officers will start patrolling with the rabbits in April.