Lancaster City to Open Pot Hole Museum

Construction has started on the new wholesale jerseys Pot wholesale nba jerseys Hole Muspothole museumeum in Downtown Lancaster on the 500 Block of West Ymarfer Chestnut street. The new Master. 12.5 million dollar complex will include a parking lot that is too small, no discernible entrance, a gift cheeses shop with a comprehensive knife selection, and one of those fancy Coke machines that you can use your credit card with.

We reached out cheap mlb jerseys to Mayor Rick Grey for comment “Frankly the quality of roads continue to improve” he said emphatically.

We also met with the head of Urban Development who was sitting at his desk folding paper airplanes when we wholesale mlb jerseys sat down with him. “People don’t realize that pot holes go painted all the way back to ancient egypt,” said Richard Butts “Lancaster City keeps the strong tradition of pot holes alive”

City Planning estimates the project will be completed and doors open in to the Public in the Fall of 2016. — Henry the Intern

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