Lancaster County Clerk Denies Marriage License For Same Facebook Couple

Lancaster, PA – County Commissioners have suspended a Lancaster County Clerk for refusing to give a marriage license to a same facebook couple.  Sharon Cox who works in the Lancaster County Courthouse’s marriage license department will be suspended with pay pending an investigation and could lead to dismissal.

City couple Ron Chee and Stacy Rect, known to twitter fans as @RonAndStacy4ever to facebook friends as Ron And Stacy Love Account, were shocked when the went to the courthouse Tuesday to apply for a marriage license and were summarily denied.

deleted“I couldn’t do it, it is against all of my moral convictions. Marriage is not a joke and there is no way that batshit craziness is going to last long term. Nothing screams insecurity and lack of trust than sharing a facebook profile” said Sharon Cox the suspended civil servant.

Same Facebook profile proponents say that it’s all about commitment and “if you don’t have anything to hide, then why would you care?”

Ron and Stacy were granted their marriage license  after bringing this matter to the media’s attention. County officials state that there is currently a pool going on in the Sheriff’s department for when they will file for divorce.