Lancaster-Hagerstown Pepperoni Smuggling Ring Busted

A law enforcement task force between the Pennsylvania State Police, Maryland State Police and National Pepperoni Council has thwarted a multi-million dollar pepperoni smuggling ring operating between Hagerstown MD and Lancaster PA.

Hagerstown resident Holden A. Pare and Lancaster City resident Todd Lerfondler were arraigned this morning at the Lancaster County Courthouse, charged with 27 counts of pepperoni smuggling. 

Lancaster County Assistant District Attorney Ana Linjector told POL, “To bypass TSA screeners these individuals were muling the sticks of pepperoni inside their bodies and then boarding the Lancaster Monorail for the 45 minute commute from Hagerstown to the City of Lancaster.” 

The illegal importation of cured meats has been an ongoing problem between Maryland and Pennsylvania since Pennsylvania Governor Wolf’s controversial “Salami Tax” that has increased the cost of cured meats by 300% state-wide.