Lancaster Mosque To Arm Muslim Membership

Imam Mujahid teaches his followers how to use a pistol.

LANCASTER, PA – The recent acts of violence against Muslims has prompted a local Mosque to arm its members for protection.

Imam Mujahid who heads the Lancaster Mosque for Islamic Studies has taken an extraordinary step after a rash of recent violent acts against Muslims around the world.

“The rise of acts of violence against followers of Islam has coincided with the rise of white nationalism. After discussion with our followers and community leaders we have decided to arm our members for their own protection.” said Mujahid.

Acting on the NRA mantra that “only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun” the Mosque members will be issued 9mm pistols and AR style semi-automatic weapons.

Members are also encouraged to get concealed-carry permits through the Lancaster County Courthouse.

“We know that armed Muslims are what is best for our safety and the safety of the community.” explained Mujahid.

According Mujahid the mosque has set aside $150,000 for weapons purchases for its members.

People of Lancaster reached out to the NRA for comment and in a prepared statement they said, “We do not support anyone other than ‘true Americans’ having guns.”