Lancaster Online’s PINK Event Aims To Return Women To The “Good Ol’ Days”

comic-strip-1In today’s busy hustle and bustle of today’s society PINK! Event organizers aim to bring back a more simple life for Lancaster women. This year’s event will be hosted by Tim Gunn from Lifetime Television discussing “How to look hot on a budget”.

While other parts of the country are worried about such downer topics as Equal Pay and Reproductive Rights, PINK organizers want women to focus on the simple pleasures of a simpler time. Getting your hair done, cooking, fashion and shopping are the focus of this year’s event.

There will also be many interactive breakout sessions including:

  • How to make him a sandwich.
  • Stereo Knobs: What not to touch
  • Blow Jobs: Not Just for Birthdays
  • Staying Out of The Way During NFL Sunday
  • Kitchen Basics I – Stove & Microwave
  • Kitchen Basics II – Fridge & Dishwasher
  • What beer to buy
  • Learning to put the seat back up when you are finished

There will be a pamphlets available on a table in the South West corner for women’s health issues and career planning on Saturday morning from 9:00-9:05AM.


** Editor’s note. Things like breast cancer are no joke, my mom was a breast cancer survivor so it hits home. But events like this try to feminize this disease, so let’s not forget that men get – and die – from breast cancer too, like the late Rod Roddy of Price is Right fame.

If you want to see what is behind all of these Pink events, watch this video.