Lancaster Square Renamed “Bear Square”

Lancaster City Hall–In an emergency session Sunday night, City Council unanimously voted to rename the recently renamed Ewell Olympic Plaza, formerly Lancaster Square, in honor of cute furry animal-celebrity, Lancaster Bear. “Bear Square” will celebrate Lancaster Bear, who bumbled around the northwest quadrant of the city last week, before being captured and released on state game lands in the cosmopolitan area of Perry County. It is the first time in the history of City Council that two separate actions to rename Lancaster Square have been passed within the same week.

Look, Barney Ewell is a local Olympic champ, hometown hero, and a great American, but, c’mon, the Lancaster Bear is just so what Lancaster is about these days, what with our hip culture, breweries, and tree canopy…really a perfect bear habitat,” councilman Raymond Liotta said Sunday evening after the vote.

Planned attractions will include public back-scratching posts, shaped like trees, an all bear carousel, featuring other historic bears, and a honey fountain, to replace the existing water feature on the square’s west side.

We reached out to Lancaster Bear for comment but calls and texts sent to his identification tag were not returned. The dedication ceremony is being planned, along with a 12 mill property tax increase needed to keep the honey flowing in the fountain.