Lancaster Woman Crowned Hot Dog Catching Champion

RICHMOND, VA – A Lancaster woman was crowned the Hot Dog Catching Champion at the 8th Annual Hot Dog Catching Championship this weekend in Richmond, Virginia.

This was the first year that Pamela Harrison entered the event and may have missed the glory if it were not for the encouragement of her friends.

Harrison caught 17 out of 25 hot dogs in 1 minute.
“We were visiting friends when we heard about the event. Pam didn’t want to do it at first but we talked her into it. She has always been good at catching things with her mouth.” said Pam’s friend, Jeff Burkhart.

Trained hot dog throwers are used so everybody has an equal chance and Harrison caught 17 out of 25 hot dogs in 1 minute.

“Those wieners were coming coming so fast and beating me in the face.” explained Harrison.

Harrison may have taken a wiener beating, but she caught 17 out of 25 hot dogs thrown at her in 1 minute to win the championship.

Asked if she planned to defend her Championship next year Harrisons said, “Oh yeah! But I am going to practice catching wieners before next year.”

Next year’s Hot Dog Catching Championship will take place December 7th.