Leola Residents Aghast At Amish-Themed Swingers Retreat

Leola, PA – Angry Leola residents packed last night’s Upper Leacock Township Supervisors meeting to protest activities of “illicit nature” occurring in town at the local Leacock Bed and Breakfast. Over the past few weeks,  numerous complaints have come into the local and state police regarding behavior at the B&B including public nudity and excessive noise. This past Tuesday night the police received a report of a woman screaming however their investigation revealed only consensual adult role-playing.

“This place is disgusting. Perverts are visiting from all over, this isn’t the Leola I know.” stated long-time busy-body Erma-Mae Hogentogler. “Ever since that colored-fella bought the place, it’s been nothing but trouble.”

Bed and Breakfast proprietor TrayShawnn Rochester.

Erma-Mae is referring to TrayShawnn Rochester who last year moved to Lancaster County from Wilmington Delaware and purchased the Bed & Breakfast. Mr. Rochester told us that he was able to get a Federal Minority-Owned Business Grant to purchase the property and reached out to his friends in the Adult Lifestyle Community, where this rustic Bed & Breakfast has become quite a destination.

“Our clients love Lancaster County and for the most part the local Plain-Community has embraced us.” continued the proprietor, “We try to support the local economy. Our gift shop is fully stocked with authentic, hand-stitched, Amish-made BDSM gear. Next week we are hosting a seminar with a local Amish Bishop will be giving advice on spouse obedience.”

Upper Leacock Township Supervisors tabled discussion on the activities at the Leacock Bed & Breakfast until their April meeting. Supervisor Chairperson Thomas King told us, “We want to see the place for ourselves before we make any judgement. Mr. Rochester has agreed to let the three of us and our spouses stay over next weekend for the BBW/BBC-Fest to see what is going on first hand.”