Lititz Man Faces Deportation To Columbia

Randy Hinkle loved Lititz and loved Thanksgiving. But this Thanksgiving, Hinkle is in a detention center, facing imminent deportation, while his wife and daughters are at home waiting for a miracle, unable to even visit him Thanksgiving because he isn’t allowed visitors.

“This was his most favoritest time for us all to be together, eat and watch football,” Randy’s daughter Ivana Morehead-Hinkle said. “And now he’s going to get sent back to that horrible place where we came from.”

“I said, ‘Is there anyway that I can visit my dad on Thanksgiving?’ Ivana said. “And they said no.”

Sadly, there are countless other families facing a similar situation this holiday season.

The Hinkle family came to Lititz legally with an Inter-Borough Visa is 2001 from Columbia, hoping to get political asylum. That never happened, and now their future is uncertain.

“I feel very sad,” said Tanqueray Hinkle, Randy’s wife. “Very difficult time for our family.”

For the past 17 years, Randy has gone to every check-in. He was doing just that Nov. 15 when he was detained and not even allowed to say goodbye to his family.

Ivana says their father loves his Lititz, and hopes that Lititz will review her father’s case.

“We were looking at family pictures, and it’s really difficult not to have him here on Thanksgiving” Ivana said.