Lititz Woman Arrested For Serving Husbands Cremated Remains

Beiler added her husband’s cremated remains to mashed potatoes, bread, cake, and homemade marshmallow peeps.

LITITZ, PA – What was supposed to be an enjoyable early Easter dinner turned to horror for one Lititz family today.

Family attending an early Easter dinner at the Lititz home of Martha Beiler, 58, learned in horror that she had used her deceased husband Earl Beiler’s remains in the meal.

“This was our first Easter together since dad passed away last fall and we wanted to support mom.” said Beiler’s daughter Jane Morgan.

According to Lititz Borough Police Beiler told guests after dinner was finished that she used her late husband’s cremated remains in the meal so they could all “have a piece of him forever”.

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Officer Parks told us, “She used his ashes in the mashed potatoes, bread, cake, and even in her homemade Marshmallow Peeps. She said she wanted her husband to live on forever in her children and grandchildren.”

“My husband and children are in shock. The kids are crying.” said Morgan.

Beiler was arrested for assault and illegal disposal of human remains. Her bail has been set at $10,000.