LNP Dedicates Full Page “By, For, And About Teens”. Local Teens Ask, “What is LNP?”

Lancaster, PA – LNP, formerly know as the Intelligencer Journal Lancaster New Era Sunday News before switching to an acronym using a misspelling of Newspaper, has dedicated an entire page to teen readers titled ‘Generation Next’.

Area teens who were asked for their thoughts on the page asked, “What is LNP?”

The POL staff tried to explain but became confused themselves with the title of the page? After thought and discussion it was realized the confusion is from the Generation “Next” title. Apparently LNP does not understand “Next” in the context of newspaper readership and skipped generations.

An LNP Insider has told us that the page will be modified to accurately reflect its “Next” generation of readers who are aged 55-70. Topics will include; writing rambling letters to the editor, how to yell at kids to get off the lawn, and Top 10 Retirement Communities in Lancaster County.

Excerpt from the page