Internet Outrage Sparked as People Accuse LNP of Posting Racist Headline

A recent article posted by Lancaster News Papers, the headline read “‘Leprechaun’ lookalike with green wig, machete robs 3 stores in Lancaster, Manheim Township” has sparked some serious outrage. It seems as though a media company, famous for publishing race baiting articles, is showing its true colors and it isn’t green.


“I’d like to know what a “leprechaun-looking male” is supposed to mean” said Connor McCleod, who is 2nd generation immigrant, and who’s family came from southern Ireland and moved to Bird-in-Hand, “I come from a proud Irish heritage, none of us have green hair. What if the man was wearing an afro wig? would LNP say he looked like a black man? or even a slave? It’s a complete double standard that’s permeated our culture to the point where a news company doesn’t even bat an eye. LNP shouldn’t be able to say Leprechaun, that’s our word!”

There has already been a petition created by a locally rum Tumblr group the “We’re Offended at

A Leprechaun American
A Leprechaun American

Everything in Lancaster Except Stuff We Like” Group. The petition calls for Laws to be created to disassociate the color green, drinking, or having any kind of fun with St. Patrick’s Day.

“This has been going on too long” said Tammy Shitbird, who runs the Tumblr Group, and is an outspoken Social Justice Warrior and all around know-it-all. “LNP has gone so far to appropriate Irish culture, that they even made their newest logo Green. If this cultural appropriation doesn’t stop we’ll be forced to stage a protest! How dare LNP use the L-word”

POL will follow this story as it develops.