Amish Runner Took Up Running So He Doesn’t Get “Involved With Some Stuff”

Gordonville, PA – Local Amish runner Leroy Stoltzfus made the news recently after completing the Harrisburg Marathon in “full Amish garb.”

Stoltzfus, of Gordonville, PA, completed the Harrisburg Marathon in in three hours, 5 minutes and 45 seconds. A time that was just short of a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon.

The Amish runner took up running after he got “involved with some stuff” and now runs to avoid temptation.

People of Lancaster could not get an answer on what kind of stuff Stoltzfus got into but we can only speculate.

Do you know what kind of stuff Stoltzfus got himself into that he is running from? We are curious but in the meantime, “Run, Stoltfus, run!”