Local Amish Throwing Away Perfectly Good Children

Discarded Amish Children In Lancaster County Park

STRASBURG, PA – Discarded Amish children have been showing up around the county after a local church elder tells Amish members to “reduce their Amish footprint.”

“Reducing your Amish footprint has been a practice in the Amish community for more than 200 years.” said Amish expert Moses Stoltzfus.

The tradition of reducing their Amish footprint does in fact go back hundreds of years. Though it is only practiced about once every 40 or 50 years.

Stoltzfus went on to explain, “There are many ways they can reduce their Amish footprint but the practice most frequently includes children. Some Amish will also discard livestock, quilts, buggies, and more.”

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Though they are otherwise perfectly good children, unvaccinated Amish children can host a variety of otherwise eradicated diseases like smallpox, measles, and polio so the public is advised to not approach or touch any discarded Amish children.

If you find any discarded Amish children you should call Child Protective Services or the Lancaster Humane League.